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the Only Gift

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What does the Creator not have and what can a mortal man bring to his Maker that was not originated from the Giver? All the songs I could ever sing, all the playing I could ever do have limits. The breath I have and the moment I get to worship is a gift of life He has given me. But where can I find a motif that’s beautiful and moving enough to express thankfulness? Where is a phrase that’s close enough to touch upon the beauty of the Savior’s heart? The only gift I can offer, the one small “penny”, is my love. Though this love is not pure, is not holy, is not equal to what I would like to offer, I offer this love. Still, I come with all earthly filth and offer You this love birthed from a redeemed heart. Let me get closer, let me be refined by Your fire. Let me love You even more, even fuller. Let me love You even closer.


Internal War

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I picked up a few good books to read recently. It feels like the good old days again. Over the Thanksgiving break I filled my days with studying, reading, meditating, praying and waring internal conflicts.
Every time I read A. W. Tozer’s book, I get this frustration – frustrated at my own shallow walk with God in comparison with Mr. Tozer’s. There are actual people in history that lived an aflame, aglow, vibrant life in God. As I read Mr. Tozer’s book, my soul is increasingly restless, longing for more. This tension of wanting more of God while living in the grind of daily life, this quest for truth, is occupying most of my thoughts during waking hours of my day. I really don’t want to settle for a superficial Christianity. My heart aches for something deeper.
Father I desire..



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Happy Birthday to my two most favorite girls in the whole wide world.
You are forever loved!



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Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. I spent it with the people I love.
After twenty years, my favorite thing is still sitting by Charles and enjoying each other’s presence.
Last night Charles found some of his and my journals from old boxes. One journal was even dated back in 1987! So on Thanksgiving Night we read through our past and gave thanks to God for His guidance, His faithfulness and His love toward us in all the years. As I read through those entries, I was reminded again that God hears our feeble prayers.
Nothing is impossible. How great is His power at work within us.
Father I desire.. Continue to help us to live for what truly matters in Your perspective. Impart Your desire to our hearts. May we live to know You, and to bring glory to You.
I am forever grateful.



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