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Here Is My Daughter

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I had a good dream last night.
In the dream I was with a father figure and we were visited by some ladies.
The four of us sat around at my dining table. Though I was a part of the group, all of the conversation was done between the father figure and the two ladies, who were seeking advice. I remember hearing the wisdom shared from the father and feeling very happy in his presence. Though I was the hostess in the dream, these ladies didn’t come because of me. It was pretty obvious they came because of him and the benefit they received from his words. The dream ended when the father concluded the conversation with this statement (about me), “By the way, do you not know her? Let me introduce.. this is my daughter.”

This morning when I was doing devotion, He brought my attention to this dream and its meaning.
The father figure represents our Father in Heaven. The dining table represents where the (living) word of God is shared to nourish lives. He wants to communicate His words and bring His presence into our circle of influence.
There is an intimacy God is inviting us to have with Him as sons and daughters. Out of that closeness we will work alongside with Him and become the host and hostess of His presence. The fullness of joy is His gift to us. The anointed wisdom and meaningful counsels are our gifts to others. The important statement the Father made at the end – here is my daughter – emphasizes that relational aspect. It is the source of our identity and the authorization to represent Him.
We are the object of His affection to a lost world. The closeness we have with our Father is the nourishment we can offer to others. Many around us are looking for truth, life, and wisdom. May we learn to lead them to the Father..



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I was trying to give language to love and finding it difficult this morning.
I wanted to write love notes to my kids to surprise them. But as I tried to write, I realize how limited words can be when it comes to describing the tenderness I feel for them.
Then I thought about drawing pictures on their notes – let visuals speak of my affection toward them.
Then I thought I can compose a line of poetry for each child.. Or maybe a melody, a song..
The creative list goes on all because I wanted to communicate affection.

Maybe that’s why our God of love uses nature, words, people/prophets, and His ultimate incarnation to communicate His one desire towards us – loves. I can barely imagine – Out of the fullness of His love, He is compelled to express His commitment and His tender heart towards us.

Just like a child is never tired of hearing “I love you” from the parent, I need the daily encounter of His love. He designed us to thrive from being loved by Him. I pray that’s what you and I experience today.
Oh Holy Spirit, pour out the love of Christ into our hearts and lead us into the love of God and the patience that endures.


Small Whisper

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I woke up with a song playing in my head this morning. I heard the whispering voice of Holy Spirit said, “place me as a seal upon your heart.”
Love desires to be remembered. Love desires devotion. Love pursues.
I love those moments when an extra measure of grace is poured out on my heart that makes loving God easier. I love the moments when God pursues my heart and speaks tenderly but clearly to my deepest part.
This morning I want to walk around my house with deliberate attention given to loving God with my heart, mind and emotions. “Place Him as a seal upon my heart” as I attend to life today.


Be Strengthened

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Someone asked me why my blog is often filled with thoughts on prayers. I guess more than a (song)writer, I see my myself as an intercessor. Consequently and almost unintentionally, my blog becomes my outlet of prayer talk. I have friends commented on feeling God’s nearness when we pray together. I hope people feel the same way when they visit this blog.

I find confidence and depth as I use Scriptures to pray for others. It’s an assurance and direction the Father has given us on what to ask. For example, this morning when I prayed for a few important men in my life, Charles, my two boys, and spiritual father, I used 1 Corinthians 1:4-9. I petitioned before the One that will do exceedingly great work in their inner man to strengthen them for every work He has given them to do, and use them in their circle of influence to establish love and righteousness.

Even now I thank You, Father, for the grace that’s given in these four men. I thank You for the access of an intimate fellowship with Your Son Jesus Christ that’s avail to Charles, Rick, Geoffrey and Christopher. Thank you for washing over their souls by the blood of the Lamb. May You enrich them in every way – in all their speech and knowledge – to bring a testimony and a fragrance of Christ at their work and school. Let Christ image be conformed in them even more this day as they turn their hearts and minds to You in expectation. Grow them in all spiritual gifts so they will lack nothing as they serve others. Keep them strong to the end that they will be blameless and pure. Keep their hearts burning for You. Pour out affection and affirmation over them.
Father, let them experience Your fatherhood today; encourage them, direct them, and protect them.

May we all rise to pray for our husband, father, and children for truly we bless the world around us by being with Him.



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“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them… show the same diligence to the very end, in order to make your hope sure… imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised.” Hebrews 6:10-12

Help me to be steady, Father. Though my tendency is to give up when it’s hard, deposit hope and faith that’s stronger than my natural preference. Faith and Patience must work its way, go deep into my heart and take roots so I can be a mature child. So help me to be steady in my pursuit of walking in the light today. Saturate my soul with Your love for me. I want to be fueled by Your affection today.