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Things I Love From the Trip

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I love tropical flowers. Here is one.


This canoe is made out of natural wood – what a beauty!


Watch out for surfers! They have the right of the way on this island.


Deep blue sea – My absolute favorite thing…



This one is for my kids – accurate weather station!


One Happy Sunday

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Charles and I went to the church I attended when I first became a Christian. It is a Chinese Lutheran Church. They bought a land and built their own church three years ago. It’s a new experience for me. It was quite funny to see some people’s expression when they finally recognized me. Maybe I am taller, bigger, (more matured as one said) and more stable. It took most people many long seconds to realize that I am not a first-time visitor. Then we went into a long, warm greeting, funny recounts of what I was like, and their total amazement that I have four kids. Nobody in this church has four kids, I am told. I didn’t explain further that Charles and I had all four of our wonders in four years; and we miss them so much. It’s hard to capture a mother’s heart in a moment.

I haven’t heard Chinese liturgy for SO many years. It drew me close to God in a surprising way. The sermon was on Micah 6:6-8. It’s the same thing God is speaking to me this week – to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Him. I am taking heed.

I was deeply challenged as I looked at the people who served in this church. They have been faithful with a track record of thirty or more years. The professor who taught Sunday school is still teaching with the same joy and diligence. The couple who sang in choir when I was in the choir twenty five years ago are still the main leaders who use their beautiful, strong voices loving God. These people know their places in the Kingdom and their lives show. Oh how I can learn from these people fo faith.

I pray that the Lord of harvest will continue to anoint this precious church body to draw the multitudes to Him.

After church service, we went to a few more places on the island. Charles has an amazing memory and he remembers places like a human computer. He pointed out the various restaurants we shared a meal with Grandpa Y. C. Without a map, he drove around like a local and tried to refresh my memories. Our typical conversation line goes something like this, “Remember this is….? Nope, don’t remember seeing this place before; but I believe you… Remember this is where your mom used to work?… Really?…” For those who know me personally, you probably get the idea. Needless to say, I am so glad that I’ve known Charles since I was 18 – he remembered most of my life for me. Most amazingly, after all these years, we love each other even more profoundly.

I had such a happy Sunday yesterday. I even felt the joy of my salvation welling up within me.

Thank you Lord for saving me, for redeeming my soul, and for taking me out of darkness into Your Kingdom of LIght!


A Sea Turtle

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A sea turtle is what I saw most up-and-close on this trip. I am told that they are around year round and they are everywhere. I don’t remember this at all.. I only remember the tropical fish and the dolphins. So this one is for my kids.. You are the ones I first thought of when I spotted this big cuttie.


My Trip

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Charles and I decided that it’s time for us to visit the place I lived in my high school years. Civilization has done away much of the raw beauty that I loved most about this place. Yet I am spoiled to be back.

Sitting in front of a majestic mountain view near the coastal lines with deep blue sea surrounding me, I feel so alive, so comforted and happy that I want to cry.

Twenty five years ago, before the endless high-rises crowded the skyline and before the trash polluted the ocean, I could step into the water and see tropical fish swimming around my ankles. It used to be a weekly thing that God would paint the sky with multiple rainbows when I walked home after school. I loved those shoeless days where I went everywhere with a pair of flipflops. Global travel has made this place a vacation spot for endless people and time has marked this place with incredible changes. The local traffic is turning into a Manhattan-style nightmare. “Transformation” of this place slipped through me as I moved from state to state. After all, it’s been quite a while since I lived here. Most of the people I grew up with are all on the mainland now. I think it will sadden all of our hearts to see “the beauty no more”. I supposed it’s the similar story of anywhere – houses have replaced natural beauty, pollution has replaced a clear blue sky, and the native people are left with reenactment to live out what was once the way of life.

But for now, I am glad to be back.
If any of my high school buddies ever stumble upon this blog – Thank you for being in my life during those years.. You made this place unforgettable.


What I Realize This Week

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I have come to the conclusion that God is very fair and just. When I learn to look at things from His perspective, many things make sense in this life. I realize that in all life circumstances we can always search for Him, experience Him and receive the supernatural peace that passes all understanding, that guards our mind and heart, and that directs us to life in Him. God is not as interested in quick answers as we impulsively are. His goal is love and His timing is unlimited. It truly pays to be faithful and to be righteous in this life. When we go to heaven, finally seeing and understanding without any darkness, we will realize that it’s wisdom to live life God’s way. If the eyes of our hearts are opened and we realize that there is a righteous Judge and perfect King who will reward us according to how we live our redeemed life, we will be drawn to the lifestyle – ” to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8)

What I realize this week is that no matter what life circumstances we are in, we can all draw near to Him. In that place, rich or poor, high or no education, young or old, men or women, rulers or oppressed, all are received equally and all are loved. True life and knowledge is gained in the presence of Him. How different is this from the philosophy of the day!


Classical Music Fever

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I developed a classical music fever recently. It all started when I watched some footage on You Tube. I realized how little I have attended concerts in the past 15 years (less than 10!) With You Tube’s help, I watched many concert clips and master classes the last two weeks. It’s amazing.. What a feast to the mind and ears. Sometimes I wish I were in my teens again – I’d love to learn some new instruments and play them well.
There is something about music. It speaks the language from a different world where we communicate heart-to-heart.



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最近和孩子們看了些 You Tube 的古典音樂,有的是名家演出,有的是逗笑演奏,最珍貴的乃是 Master Class 的現場錄影。看 You Tube 比聽 CD 更特別,身教比較有震憾力。