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Faith and Patience

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I was watching the video, “Joseph, King of Dreams” with my younger kids yesterday. Joseph’s years of prison was only a couple of minutes long on the video; yet in reality it was many long years. I was reminded that God often works with time in decades, not in days, when one is in transition or character training. No wonder we are reminded by His Word that it’s through faith and endurance, we inherit the promises in the Kingdom of God. I once saw a statement from Rick Joyner – Why do we as Christian have a “faith movement” but not “patience movement”? Though it sounds funny, it is a sobering observation. I want to be in a company of “faith and endurance”. I sign up to be in the loving hands of a wise Father who uses decades to form His likeness and His purpose in me.



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I am sitting here in the prayer room, pondering on friendship, specially friendship with God. I realize that often I desire God’s friendship for my selfish blessings and gain. This afternoon, I am examining my heart – is there a sincere longing on my heart for His friendship, to partake His vast heart of love and to share with Him even in His pain. True friendship is not one-sided. I want to lay down my selfish gain, just to come and be His true friend at all cost.



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A good friend of ours are near delivery today. I am praying for her and the baby. I pray for the presence of God to be with them. May the tangible love of God be experienced. Another life is about to come into this world. How wonderful!



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This Month

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We take all our kids down to Kansas City IHOP again; this time we are visiting for a month. There are kids and teen summer camps, and various classes for all of us. The younger three started their summer camp two days ago. They are in a 5-day kids camp to learn about prayer, worship, loving God and walking in the Spirit. It’s quite a sight to see 500 kids (and parents) for a week of camp. Geoffrey will start his teen camp next week. He is quite excited.
Today is the second day of classes for us adults. The first two weeks of teaching focuses on Beattitudes as a lifestyle. It feels like back in the college days again. Our schedule is simplified to prayer room, class, prayer room, gym and home.
I am really grateful for this extended time to seek His face, to be in a live prayer room and to dig deeper into His Word. This is a designated time for our souls to feast at His table.