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Today’s Thoughts

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Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love. Like your name, O God, your praise reaches to the ends of the earth; your right hand is filled with righteousness. Ps. 48:9-10

Breathing and being in your nearness, my thoughts dwell on your love – the love that never fails. Your name, O God, is poured out like perfume. All over the earth, praises are rising to declare your true nature – your ways are perfect, your judgements are right, your wisdom and your leadership are pure and perfect. This morning I declare with all my heart that God is righteous and He is worthy of my praises. Consider Him, oh my soul, feed on His unfailing love!



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There is a quiet sanctuary within me these days. I find almost no desire to go out. I’m content to be home, to love my family. I find Him very dear and near to all of us, in such an ordinary, quiet life we lead.
I remember eight years ago, I “had to” get out of the house every now and then in order to come home and face my responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom. After all the years, God has changed my inner man. It’s not what I can get from outside will be able to fuel me each day. It’s being connected with the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me, to receive life and sustaining grace for each day.
I find the secret of living in contentment is living in the reality of His presence. To abide in Him, is not a mystery but a practical way of life.


Creation As A Gift

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The kids and I were in the car for a long drive today. We drove through many breath-taking sights as we passed through multiple states. We saw so many beautiful rolling hills coated with shades of green with beams of gentle sunlight shining through the cloud-openings. As we enjoyed these moments, we were blessed with a sense of His love and presence filling our van. We also saw an amazing sunset while we drove through a long stretch of field with beautiful trees set against a sea of grass. The vast sky stretched without limit in horizon while layers of colorful clouds spoke unearthly beauty to our hearts. The kids and I starting singing “Oh-oh-oh-oh, You are beautiful” as we watched the sun went down.
The last special sight was a sky painted with clouds that looked like traced by a giant finger. The clouds looked like they were dancing. It was so special that I thought God spontaneously made it up at that moment, on that spot, just because He loves us and knows that we were driving by!
Creation is a gift – a gift of love from the Creator for us to behold His beautiful heart.

The kids and I were blessed today.


Jesus’ Feet

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I was meditating on Revelation 1 this afternoon. Verse 15 says that Jesus’ feet, when seen by John, were like bronze glowing in a furnace. In this particular vision of John, Jesus revealed Himself as the majestic One, the One that’s All Consuming Fire, with eyes like blazing fire, and feet glowing with fierce flame and strength.
Jesus in the book of revelation is the victorious King, righteous Judge, and the zealous Bridegroom. With all consuming passion, he will remove everything that’s incompatible with His Holy standard, which is love and purity. As I mediate on Revelation 1:15, In my mind I saw these feet of fire danced the dance of injustice in Cambodian villages where darkness has covered the land. Everywhere He put down His feet, purifying fire consumes wickedness and singing and adoration breaks out in those villages. In the land where human trafficking has taken over villages after villages by using children as commodity, I saw these majestic feet of Jesus, glowing as all consuming fire, danced with drums beats that’s breaking darkness and bringing in light and strength to transform that land.
Jesus’ feet were forever the signs of His humility and sacrifice. But just like He is just and merciful at the same time. His feet bore both the signs of His gospel and judgment. This afternoon I understood something – He is the Refiner’s Fire and He is coming with jealousy and zeal. Nations are His rightful inheritance. There is no darkness too great that He cannot turn it around with just one commend.
Jesus, I gaze into your feet that are like bronze glowing in the furnace. I worship You, the perfect Judge.



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Recently my eyes are opened to the 100-fold principle in the Scripture..

Matthew 25 has the parable of the Talents. There are three servants, one is given five talents, another one is given two talents, and the last is given one talent. They each went and put the money to work. The one with five talents gained five more (100% return), the one with two talents gained two more (100% return) and the one with one given, didn’t make any.
When the master comes back, he calls the first two, “good and faithful” and he didn’t like the third’s lack of return.

I am a little shocked – for the first time I see that in order to be called “good and faithful” with what is entrusted, there is the challenge of 100% return!

Yesterday I met with a missionary/intercessors couple and talked to them about 100-fold return. We prayed for wisdom and discernment for His direction to put money into things that will bear fruits and call forth righteousness and beauty in nations with a 100 fold measure. I am praying this morning again, about the issue of money and the wisdom to sow generously and reap bountifully. I want to enter into the wise heart of God on this issue.

Father, I desire wisdom to understand and to walk out Your truth.


Life Changing Prayer

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This morning while in the prayer room, I was praying for one thing. I as asking the Father to release beams of the revelation of His heart to Asian believers. I could see in my mind’s eyes, a tidal wave, an ocean of His love coming to earth with power and glory. Everywhere this tidal wave hits, glory is released to that land. Somehow I know it has to do with uniting the hearts of praying saints with the heart of God – as the intercessors speak out the Father’s heart in their prayer time, they are actively weaken the gloom of darkness over nations. I was praying for believers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and Korea. I know when believers are united with the heart of the Father and pray, they can usher in spiritual tidal waves and shakings. Oh Father, Asia needs Your ocean of love. As the water covers the sea, let the knowledge of God cover the earth, even in this generation.