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Archive for August, 2008


A Lovesick Heart

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I was made to love God and be loved by God.
The amazing thing is before the foundation of the world, He loved me. He who never changes – not even with a shadow of turning – is for me. God has His eyes on me for all eternity. I can’t think of anything else that gives me more comfort, strength and joy. I can’t think of anythings else that makes me weep like this truth. Oh, the love of God.
As I touch the benevolent heart of God, I grow in love towards Him.
But more than theology tonight, my heart is aching – I am in love with God and I want more of Him.



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Home School Adventure

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I dropped by the Classical School yesterday and told the Dean that I will be home schooling Christopher this year.
There are quite a lot of changes this school year. Geoffrey is going into high school. Our fist high schooler. We will change many of our weekday routines from the past to accommodate everyone’s activities. It will be quite an interesting year. I plan to add a Saturday morning Chinese lesson time with the kids.
Well, it’s two weeks before the semester starts. I am looking upward for grace and wisdom to be ready for this school year.


This Little Light

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Last night was the Olympic Opening night. The ceremony was undoubtably the most amazing in every way. One image remained in my head even when the night is over – the little 9-yr-old boy who escaped the recent earthquake and rescued two of his classmates’ lives, walking down leading the Chinese team to enter the Nest Stadium. There is something about his fact and presence. If I were to put a theme song to that moment, I think he should sing, “This little light of mine, I am gonna let it shine.”

Maybe because my youngest is also nine. I just think that boy is the cutest and the most touching moment of the whole night.



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So happy that Charles and Geoffrey came home two days ago. It was an emotional moment at the airport when all of us were together. Now our family feels complete again!
They are darker, skinnier, and deep in thoughts. Geoffrey seems older. Though he was only gone for about twenty days, he is more mature and different. Kids are always changing and growing right in front of my eyes. It’s amazing – the power of life.

I saw the pictures Geoffrey took at the earthquake area. I hope next year our whole family can make a visit to China. It’s more meaningful to give than to receive. I hope this is one heritage Charles and I can pass on to our precious kids.


A Good Visit

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A dear friend came by for a visit tonight. It was so wonderful. The kids played their recital for the guest on the spot. There is love in our hearts toward one another. I enjoy the conversations, the dinner, and most of all, the presence of my friend. As I get older, I find that what I enjoy most out of all my friends is each person’s presence. The personality, the particular laughters, the type of conversations that stimulate our minds, all add to the enjoyment of the friendships.
Tonight we were blessed and I am so thankful.