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Archive for September, 2008


Precious Hidden Gifts in Life

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I have learned so much since I started home schooling the youngest one.. It’s only been four weeks.

I re-learned all the 4th grade science, social studies, and history, practiced hundreds of math problems, even came up with a clear way to teach Mandarin intonations. I enjoyed the learning, the logics behind subjects and the teaching.

However, the greatest benefit I received from these four weeks is not in the academics but a transformed heart. God is reconstructing my attitude, motives, perspectives and approach to parenting. A precious hidden gift of life is found in the humble package of children – my children. In their trusting, loving and vulnerable hearts, they are teaching me some most important lessons about life. I find my heart melted again and again with love and tenderness. I find myself wanting and living in His nearness. What surprise!

Thank you, Father, for the gifts of children.



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God has been speaking to my heart both last night and this morning that my primary role as a mom in this season is to love my children. In all things, and in all my interactions with them, they need to leave my presence experiencing love and delight. The foundation of their growth at this season is love and encouragement. I am writing to remind myself to sow seeds of love with my words and actions.


Morning Prayer

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Abba, release the light of Your truth this morning and shine brightly upon our hearts. May Your hand direct us to walk in Your presence. We ask for the gentle voice of Holy Spirit to resound loudly in our inner man. May we be subdued by righteousness and grace. May we encounter Christ in all our ways – let our learning lead us to the knowledge of God. Hotly pursue my children today for they are your priced possession.


Quiet Time

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Had some quiet time yesterday morning. It was wonderful. He talked to me about my kids, home and my inner life. I am learning the lesson of “pausing life’s busyness” to be with Him so I can have life within my soul.



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Praying For California

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Joining with thousands to pray for California – that the spirit of soberness and repentance will sweep this State. May they open the door to the knocking of the Spirit and encounter God of Mercy. May God humble the proud, break the silence of the church to call forth a cleansing and righteousness, to stand for life and truth. Oh that Californians won’t be drowned by the spirit of this age but be visited by the spirit of the fear of the Lord. Let a deep and mighty washing take place in that state.


You Said

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You said there will be joy in the laying down
You said there will be joy in letting go
You said there will be joy in giving up my rights
Now I see..

Come and Rush Over Me
Come and rush over me
and let the river flow

I bow down
I get low
I’ll lay down my heart to receive Your love
Your river rushes to the lowest place

~The secret of life is to die to it, in order to have true life given back to my soul..
I want the gift of humility, God, the gift to go lower and deeper.~