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What Angle

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Someone asked me how I am doing. I answered, very good in being a person, a wife and mom; but not very productive as a songwriter or musician.
In my focus to put first thing first, I let go many other things, including songwriting or playing piano. An year later of letting secondary things go, I am reaping fruit. Fruits in the areas I put time in, barrenness in the area I let go. Do I regret it? Probably not.
Watching my kids grow in these crucial years cost me many things. The ultimate cost is the cost of myself. Instead of pursuing my interests and other ministries, I gave my resources, energy and time into my family so my children and husband can pursue their interests and ministries. The truth is I actually find joy deep down inside – I am glad that I have finally begun the process of maturity – I am less selfish as a person. I find my heart no longer boast about my achievements but delight in the simple fact – God loves me and I love Him dearly by loving the people He put in my life called family.

As for songwriting? I guess it will come again in time. For now, all my pens and papers are used to home school Christopher. :)



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A Great Conference At the End of Year

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Love Always Sacrifice

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I was sharing with some people about worship last night. I believe there is a call to corporate body that we need to enter into maturity in spirit and in truth. There is much depth of God that is open for us to understand and experience. The depth of our worship is proportional to the depth of our understanding of who He is and who we are. For so long we coast on the idea of grace and count on God to spoil us with many blessings. However, maturity is when we respond and decide that we want to offer love to Him in return.
Love always sacrifice.
God loves with eternal, historical, radical abandonment. The Father gave His beloved. The Son gave His all. The Spirit humbled Himself to live in us. God sacrificed because of love.
Because of love, there is a longing to live pure, to abandon all sins and tendencies that stumble us, to shed off darkness. We love Him; so we sacrifice – in how we live.

I want to be full of light. I want our church to be full of light. Our worship of love is living purely for Him.