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I am reflecting on growth this past few days. I wonder how much I’ve grown in my relationship with God, with my husband, and with each of my children. I have heard someone said that time is God’s gift of mercy to us – for us to invest wisely to bear fruit in this life, and to make decisions that will have eternal rewards. For many years, I think there is plenty of time, almost too much time, on my hands. Somehow, this year there is an urgency, a tugging on my heart, to evaluate how I steward this gift that God has given me.
No one knows how many years s/he has on earth. Maybe it’s a conviction that comes with growing older, I want to repent of my way of aimlessness. Lord, give me grace so I am spending time rightly.


Classical Morning

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I am sitting at my kitchen table and listening to Bach’s double violin concerto while reading about Jesus in the Book of Revelation, chapter 1.
I can’t believe how much my heart is moved by the music, as I meditate on Jesus being The faithful witness, the first born from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. I am surprised that this music actually leads me into the love of Christ and moves me to a tender devotion.

Bach is gifted in creating music that speaks unearthly peace that surpasses time, genre, and words. While I know music is subjective, I do think this double violin concerto’s second movement is exceptionally written.
We need more music that inspires us to what is lovely, praiseworthy, pure and righteous. If God gives me more music to write in the future, I hope I can create something that speaks of holy beauty.



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I am longing for “the revelation of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 1:1).
I don’t want to settle for busyness of life and lose sight in the most important thing of this life – knowing God. To have a living understanding of Jesus Christ, and to live in continue revelation of His personalities, attributes, and His wisdom day by day, this is life to me.
I am longing for eternal life today. The eternal life that is feeding daily on the reality of what He is like. To experience the knowledge of God in the deepest part of my inner man – to have knowledge travel from my mind to my heart and affect my inner man – is my longing.
I long to know God.


This Past Weekend

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We just had a very memorable weekend.
We hosted a big dinner party at our home on Friday night. We decided to host this big company party at our home because we want to share our lives with people. This was done in many levels – with help of three friends, I cooked a gourmet meal. It gave me joy to serve people with food that was made out of love. Our children took turns to play classical music in the background that night. Music lovers in the group huddled in the dinning area and enjoyed a heart-warming recital. Charles shared the reason for our home gathering – to bring awareness of human trafficking issue to people around us. There was a grace given to our family to pull this together and to serve together. I believe it’s a great gift we are giving our children – opportunities to give and serve.
The following night we had a wonderful family visiting us. Though we don’t see this family often, the two families built a special bond that night, especially among the kids.
Sunday afternoon, we had mostly young people in our house. It was a great thing to see teenagers coming through our door. Kids grow up so fast. I just want to love them, feed them, and protect them while they are still with us..

We have three birthdays, visitors for Christmas, and IHOP conference as the major events for the month of December. I am thankful and happy that I can serve people in my life with my heart and hands.