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Thoughts on Motherhood – an encouragement to moms

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A dear friend of mine just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I have been thinking about her and motherhood this morning. For all the young moms who are believing, sowing, and praying for their small children, here are some of my thoughts on motherhood this morning. I hope you find encouragement.

~The fragrance of love is the most powerful thing one can sow as a mom.
You may not be the fastest diaper wrapping mom, or the most awake/coherent person, but you are affecting the formation of your child in astounding ways, probably more than you know. Believe me, in only a couple of years time, your child will bring so much laughter and wonder to your heart. It’s the good gift of God, wrapped in the form of a beautiful child, to make your heart full. To nourish your child, his/her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs daily, to whisper prayers to Heaven as you walk around your home, and to fill your heart and home with love, these are some of the most impacting things we can do as parents.
May you find God to be all your sufficiency in this season of your life. May His grace overshadow you. May the peace of God be the trademark of your home, and the spiritual marker of your child’s life.
As mothers, you are transforming and shaping the history of your children’s generation!


I Know in Part

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I am learning the need to live with total humility, and to recognize that humility is an expression of love.. both to God and to the people in my life.
I am reminded this morning that we know in part and we prophesy in part but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away.
I am called to live out the part that I am convinced of – to be true to the the things I am given. Yet I am also called to love, the greater gift. Love is when I think I’m right, I chose not to judge others who see it differently. Love is when I want to lecture someone, I learn to bite my tongue and listen to the other person first. (and then give up the lecture all together.) Love is meekness and gentleness coming out of my attitude and touch another soul. Love is to say, I only understand partially – It’s better to sit and learn from others than to stand up and speak with haste. Because the receiving end of love (the other person) is always hoping for understanding, for encouragement, and for tenderness of God, I am given an invitation to do just that. I can depart with a touch of grace and a prayer to see the other person soar higher; or I can depart with two angry hearts and a broken spirit. True humility is to know that I don’t know it all but I am called to love – in all circumstances, love. Love God by yielding my preferences to the hands of my Sovereign. Love others with actions from a sincere heart. I am asking myself this morning – do I prophesy with what I do that point others to the nature of Christ and the benevolent heart of my King?
Oh, create in me a clean heart again, Oh God; and renew a steadfast spirit within me. I choose to put on humility as my garment and learn what love is.


God of My Life

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I have been meditating on the statement, “God is my sovereign and my portion.”
God is sovereign over all the affairs, including this little world of my life. He is fully in charge and wisely in control.
God is my portion. He, the uncreated God, is the exceeding great reward of my life.

To ponder on these two truth has birthed a sense of awe and strength. It stabilizes me from deep within; and it beckons me to live my daily life before Him.
How I love Him, the Sovereign God and the Living Portion of my life for all eternity.


Finding Rest

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I am so thankful for the living words of God that give direction, encouragement and purpose to life. At the beginning of this year, 2009, I find great peace and rest as I set my heart on obeying Him and walking out His purpose for my life. Oh what a gift it is to find rest for my soul – a rest only found in His presence.
I wish all the readers a blessed 09 – May you seek Him and find Him near this year. May your heart find true peace in the midst of your life circumstances. May you find rest knowing that He is for you, He loves you, and He cares about you.

Happy New Year!