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Further thoughts on Psalm 119:89

Posted by: Karen Cheng  |  Filed under English entries - 英文文章

Psalm 119:89 says, Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.

God’s word is eternal. Once he declares it, it’s forever established for all eternity.
It can be difficult for a finite human mind to comprehend the finality, unchanging nature of God’s word. After all, we live in a generation that words don’t weight much and are often used with multiply layers of twisted meanings and intentions. However, God’s word is light years different from our human ways of words.
His word gives life, defines truth, judges perfectly, and loves completely. His word is powerful, redemptive, life-giving and full of light. His word creates, heals, directs, and guides. His word pierces through both the visible and invisible realms. His word thunders in the heavens, harmonized with praises around His throne for the brilliance of His wisdom contained in the word. His word is not just the letters printed in the Book, but it executes according to His will and returns with full glory rightly due His name.
The word of God is eternal and firm. It is worthy of all our mind and heart, our trust, and our obedience.
Oh, the word of God!