Reaping What I Did Not Sow

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Having a teenager at home is an amazing, humbling process. Especially when the teenager I have is any mother’s dream.. This morning I took time to write a letter to my oldest, who is now fourteen. As I write, I was filled with gratitude to God and affection in my heart.
As an ordinary mom, I at times wonder why me – why such a blessing, to be entrusted with these precious ones in our lives to protect, provide and nurture? More often, I wonder what a gracious and kind God I have – All my early days of impatience, lack of understanding and plain ignorance as a parent, yet fourteen years later, I reap a harvest of beautiful souls that love God and are set apart for His delight.
I am so grateful for the benevolent heart of God. The evidence of His power to heal, to create, and to form beauty every where Love Divine touches. Whenever I look at my children, I see fingerprints of His love, His tender care, and His sovereignty. Oh the joy on my heart this morning.
I don’t know why; but I clearly am reaping what I did not sow. God always bless us with hundred fold back when we sincerely attempt with our limited, weak effort. He is miracle worker – just look at our lives!

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  1. Linda Chan says:

    I agree with you! As a Christian mom with 3 children, I am amzed at how God blessed us with so much! His grace coevers all our wrongs in child-rearing, and we learn to submit to His will and let Him lead.

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