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Interesting Discussion

Posted by: Karen Cheng  |  Filed under English entries - 英文文章, Family Life

I had an interesting discussion with my son tonight.
He asked a really good question – what will excellence lead to?
In going through the process of school, career, etc., at the end of all the hard work, what will the future be like as one try his best? With a sense of wonderment and curiosity, he asked me this great question.

Here was my reply -
God puts us on this earth to bring His rule and reign to every sphere of influence that He’s given to us. As we live in accordance to the reign of Holy Spirit in us, we bring the rule and reign of God to the domain He has given us. The domain can change over time. Our size of influence will differ according to His plan and the season we are in. But our goal is the same – in all things, we exercise diligence and excellence so we can lead and influence people with skill and benevolence. Many people think “destiny” is something far away, something in the future to walk into. I think destiny is in each moment I live out “life” before God. In doing so, each moment I am living in my destiny. Each stage of life, I do my part to bring God’s heart and purpose into my domain. In this process, I fulfill the reason of my existence.

I have great prayers and faith for my children’s lives. I know my ceiling will be their floor. They are destined for greatness in God. Greatness in His eyes, not men’s. Greatness in meekness, in humility, and in loving wholeheartedly. Love requires all. All of one’s heart, emotion, strength, a-n-d mind. To love with all of our mind demands excellence and skills. I want to encourage my children that being 10, 12, and 14 is not too young to walk in destiny; nor too early to rule and reign by the power and grace of Holy Spirit who lives inside of them.

What does the future hold for someone who is willing to put his hand in excellence? A walk with His God, a life that has no regret.
This is my prayer for my children tonight.