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Seeing With A Different Eye

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Been learning and pondering on seeing.
In our physical world, we can view the same thing with different results when we put on different lenses. The funny mirrors that we often stand in front of in museums illustrate this point very well.
In our inner world, we often view things incorrectly due to wearing the wrong sets of lenses. Though people would agree to the above statement, most people go on life without pondering too much about how much we perceive is actually correct.
Lately I have been trying to ask the question – Jesus, how do you see this? Would you allow me peaking into your heart and your lenses so I can perceive with understanding and with the spirit of truth. This is actually quite hard to do on a consistent bases. I have gotten so used to my own understanding that asking for His opinion is not the first natural thing on my mind as I go through my daily life. But this is what I desire to put on this year – new eyes, new lenses.
I want to see with a different eye, from the eyes of Divine Love.


Praying for Haiti’s Orphans

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Since the earthquake, we are all aware of the great needs Haiti is facing. However, one thing that has been heavy on my heart is the need for provision and protection of the orphans in Haiti. Maybe you already know, there were hundreds of thousands of orphans BEFORE the earthquake. Maybe you also know that almost 50% of the nation’s population are under 18. With the tragic earthquake, children of Haiti are facing an ever greater giant. Would you join me to pray for these precious ones, that the Father will continue to send supernatural provision and protection for these weakest of the weak. Protect them from evil and wicked plots that are luring around. Pray for angelic visitation and directions, and pray for dreams and visions to be poured out on these ones. May our eyes be opened and realize there is a war for the destiny of a nation and the souls of the youth, and also realize the power of intercession within our reach. We have a powerful God, who bends on compassion and redemption. Let’s pull together, moving this nation to true help from above. Let a cry for orphans arise, on behalf of the weak ones.


Great Riches

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I believe I hold in my hands the two most valuable things in life. One is time. The other is free will. How I use them determines if I am wealthy or poor in heaven’s eyes.
With the amount of the free time I have in this season, I consider myself very blessed. If I invest my times wisely, I will be surprised at the return at the end of my life. God fairly gives each one the same amount of time every day. With this gift in hand, I am crying out for wisdom to live my day today.

Free will is another treasure I am given this life. With my free will, I can chose what to give my attention to, who to give my love to, and what manner of conduct I will express myself. Free will allows us to self-protect, self-preserve, or self-promote. Free will also allows us to sacrifice, to be humble, and even to lay down our lives for a greater purpose. The more I think about the gift of free will, the more I am astounded by God’s love, and His desire for us. I am asking for help of the Holy Spirit so I can consistently choose the way of love with my free will as an expression of gratitude to Him.



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One verse that has been on my heart lately is
“for man’s anger does not accomplish the Lord’s righteousness”

I have been pondering on this verse and rephrased it in a very simplistic way – my anger works against what the Lord is trying to establish.

I noticed there were two incidents last week that my normal reaction would’ve been to flare up at the people in those situations. However, I bit my tongue and told myself to turn off the angry thoughts running through my mind. I have to say, I am so glad that I “force quit” my anger-running system, and yielded to what the indwelling Spirit was calling me to do – turn away from anger and turn to His righteousness.

I want to run on this path of truth and be set free from anger, for anger destroys everywhere it touches and leaves no traces of love or peace.

Yielding to the Indwelling Spirit today.


Come to Us

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Exodus 20:24 “An altar of earth you shall make for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and your peace offerings, your sheep and your oxen. In every place where I cause my name to be remembered, I will come to you and bless you.”

I have been reading the Bible from Genesis lately. I see a repeated theme morning by morning as I read the Bible – He desires to have friendships with humans beings. The Genesis 1 God, the maker of heaven, earth, and every living thing, has one desire – to have humans know Him and walk with Him.

What a precious promise – everywhere His name is remembered, He will come to us and bless us. Oh, as much as we desire God, He desires it even more!
Come to us, to our hearts, to our homes, our children, our family. This is our prayer, Lord.


A Blog for Encouragement

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I wrote something this morning. Hope this encourages anyone who happens to read this blog.

2010 is a year of transition globally. Let’s pace and live our personal life accordingly. Don’t be swallowed up by the busyness and the shallowness of many superficial things. It really makes a difference how we live this year out, because it sets our heart and our life on a course that affects us for years to come.

Don’t let discouragement or despair finds address in your heart; but rather, let His presence and His promises dwell richly in you.. Hold on to God as if you are holding on to the very essence of life. Remember the promise, draw near to God and He will draw near to you. There is no human mistake that is bigger than His capacity. Know that He loves you and you can always pull on His heart to give you grace and favor in all circumstances because He truly loves you. Our mistakes in life will always be many, but all the more abounding is His grace and redemption. Always remember, while we were/are sinners, He loves us. We don’t come to God on performances/merit bases, but on faith alone. Faith believing that He loves us and always cares deeply about the welfare of our lives. So we approach Him. When we rid ourselves of the performance mentality, we are free to approach Him as children and enjoy His deep love and affection. This is the year to come to the reality of His love for us, and to organize our life by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I am praying for all of us, that truth, not quilt or accusations, but truth, will wash our inner man and find a home in our heart. To walk in the light is the most liberating and narrow way; that’s the way to find peace, love, and strength to be right with God and men.

The enemy of our souls is always finding ways to attack our hearts with discouragement and lies so we can’t fully connect with God. The fight to stay in the race is a GOOD flight. It’s a fight that everyone goes through; so you are not alone. Our specific circumstances are different; but the theme of our lives is similar – that we lean on Him, the gracious, loving One, to overcome. Allow your heart to be touched by His love again. That’s the remedy to overcome.

Our life circumstances are all different. But there is a symphony that heaven is playing all across human hearts – that in all life circumstances, we choose His way and trust Him. it’s worth the effort to dig deeper, practice righteousness, and be patient. In due time, we will hear the beautiful music our lives is creating. It is an amazing sound of worship, of surrendering.

Let’s gear up our heart and mind and keep running this race.

God Bless you today!


Stay there

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I heard this phrase today, “stay there until He warms your heart.”
This gives light to my heart and a clear goal for me to live each day in a specific manner this year – that each day I need to stay there (in prayer, meditation of the Word, talking to Him, or waiting upon Him, etc) until He warms my heart with real affections..
I desire communion with Holy God.