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These days when I wake up, I try to take time to interact with God. I want to know and hear what He wants to say; so I ask, wait, and get my daily surprise.
This morning, I am reminded of this Scripture -
Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of His nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power. After making purification for sins, He sat down at the light hand of the Majesty on high, having become as much superior to angels… of the Son He (the Father) says, “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever, the scepter of uprightness is the scepter of Your kingdom. You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.”…

What the Father wants to speak to me about today is His Son.
I hear the whisper of the Father saying, “Look at Jesus – His brilliant radiance, the glory, beauty, light and love, shining from God to all who wants to get a glimpse of Truth and Beauty. Look at Jesus, get a revelation of His nature. This will settle your little heart to find real strength inside. Think of about His humility and His power, His authority and His humanity. Think about His righteousness and His gladness.”
Oh, I am glad my assignment today is to meditate on Jesus! Holy Spirit, reveal Jesus to my inner man. Come and do what You love to do – exalt Christ and make Him known!


He Is Holy

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God is so holy and I want to be near Him – the perfect holiness, the true beauty and glory unspeakable- oh, Spirit of God, do what You must do so that all of me becomes Your full possession.


Allowing Him to Write on My Heart

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I had some quiet journaling time today. I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me the good thoughts the Father has towards me. I was encouraged. This is what I hear the Father was saying to my heart this morning -

He likes it when I quiet my soul before Him and allow my heart to become the “tablet” for Him to write on. He likes every opportunity I give Him – my heart, a blank page, for the Spirit of God to write. Word by word, ink by ink, He is writing on the tablet of my heart words of truth and love. He is shining light to my soul. He cherishes the moments when I quiet my soul and choose Him.

May we all find a moment to sit before Him this week and allow Him to write on our hearts!


Fragrance of Love

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I was sitting in my kitchen praying, worshipping this morning. This phrase, “fragrance of love” and the pictures came. (Though the person in the picture I saw was a specific friend, the message is edifying to anyone. I feel this is meant to be an encouragement to the Bride of Christ.)

I see Jesus writing on a scroll, like a part of a compilation of a book of remembrance, about a woman. There is much tenderness and care on His heart towards her; even the manner that He writes about her is very tenderly. Joy is radiating from His face, His eyes beaming with light. The revelation and understanding of the journey that He is taking her on, and the way she is responding to Him gives Him gladness. I see Him pauses at times, and calls for angels to come and to witness how she loves Him, how she brings such joy to His heart by being a fighter and a steady runner on her race. The angels are fussing with amazement and they comment on the strength and the testimony of all that her life brings Him. Love and affection fills the atmosphere as He writes down all His thoughts and all the details of her life before Him.
Then I see her in a room, just quietly worshipping Him. There is worship/adoration rising from her heart, rising straight up. There is an aroma of love and gratitude ascends with her thoughts of worship to Him. I watch Him, pouring out the fragrance of His presence over her on her head. It’s like she wears His presence as one wears a perfume; and He wears her worship as one wears his. There is an exchange of fragrance, His for her, and hers for Him. It delights His heart to do this. And in that, an anointing from above pours over her.
I see in her room that there is a quietness and stillness of the soul. His eyes of love are on her because He is for her and she is His. I see that as she writes about her thoughts, her life, and pouring out her inner deepest part to Him in her journal book, He is full of affection and tender care and He writes on that scroll. I see the lady being deeply happy, with big smile on her face, eyes lit up with sparkles and understanding. There is a glow on her countenance.

The visible and invisible realms are of no boundary to Him, His power, and His love. Everything just melts before Him – the True Divine Love. He loves it when we rise and walk through life with Him – knowing that He is right there with us. By faith eyes, we can almost see that we are never alone. Truly there is no need for fear or anxiety, the God of creation is walking with us through life, what can detour us from our life walking with our Lord? I pray that as we are awakened to this amazing One that we love, our inner man, our emotions, even our chemistry make-up will be transformed by Love Divine. He has something wonderful prepared for His bride!


How Much More

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I was thinking this morning that David, living under the Old Testament covenant, could experience and say that “how lovely is your dwelling place, oh God,” and “I enter your sanctuary and behold your beauty,” how much more could we, living under the New Testament with the torn veil, experience the presence of God and the beauty of His glory.

I am praying for clear increase of God’s presence over our lives, our churches, and in our hearts – that His glory will come and fill His temple. May the cry of our inner most part be that – oh come, and fill this frame with the knowledge and the presence of Holy!