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Quick Thought

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While praying for someone this morning, I was reminded of this verse -
He gives us beauty for ashes and a garment of praise…

I pray that I will wear His glory as my crown and put on the garment of praise as I walk about different places. That through me, this little carrier of light, His love will extend and touch many hearts deeply.

Oh, Love Divine, invade my heart. Through me, invade all the hearts I encounter today.



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今天早上替朋友代禱時,想到這段經文 :



Thinking about Hannah

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Thinking about Hannah in the Bible. She was a godly, praying mother. She gave her beloved Samuel into the Lord’s hand, into the the not-so-godly Eli’s care. I think any mom would want to see the person who cares and teaches our children to be wiser, and godlier than we are so there are something good to pass on to the student. However, in Hannah’s case, she trusted not in Eli’s godliness, but in the power of God’s care over her son and dedicated him to be unto the Lord.
If you are like me, maybe your kids are in a public school, which is increasingly teaching ungodly philosophies of this age. Maybe you are also like me, have long dedicated your precious ones holy unto the Lord. Lately the Lord has been speaking to me about His capability to watch over the ones that are dedicated to Him – just like He is able to watch over Samuel and raise him up, even under priest Eli’s care, He is able to watch over our children and raise them up to be the godly man and woman that He calls them to be.
I find great strength to trust and obey Him, as daily I let my children go into the world, knowing the God of Hannah is the same God of Karen.
Let’s rise up, praying moms! We have a Father in heaven who watches and guides the steps of our children from righteousness unto usefulness in the Master’s hand.