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大女兒是個非常貼心又聽話的青少年,前幾天學校的朋友好心借給她一些書看,今早當我看到那書時,我心裡不平安,所以我就跟她說,我心裡的不平安,請她還是不要看那些書吧。她點頭說好,給我一個燦爛的微笑,一個quick kiss 就上學去了。




Don’t Compare

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Last week I got into a downward spiral of comparing myself with others – others who are more accomplished and actively engaged in ministries. I found myself getting less and less joyful, more and more critical of myself and others around me. Finally, when I was in the middle of my deep thoughts of how seemingly insignificant my existence was, the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

I love the interruption of God.

He said, “I created Karen Cheng to be Karen. I didn’t create Karen Cheng to be so-and-so, and the other so-and-so. In fact, I really like the Karen Cheng I have created. Would you be my Karen again? This is what I want Karen Cheng to focus on in this season of life – to soak up my love for her, and to give this love away to everyone that comes through her doors.”

I was awakened by this interruption and quickly made a 180 degree turn in my thought life – to be who He created me to be, and to do what He is asking me to do in this time of my life.

If I spend my life trying to be and do what others are called to, I will miss the joy and pleasure of God who has created me for a different purpose than everyone else. He created each of us uniquely, perfectly, and wonderfully, to display His multi, many-fold wisdom. Let’s let Him have the pleasure of beholding the beauty of the crown of His creation, shall we?!



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禱告,是 Love in Action.


Thoughts on Prayer this Morning

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Prayer is the pathway of love. It is the pathway to love.

If we think of ourselves as swimming in an open sea, looking upward for God of Life, Father of Light. Since no matter how hard we try, we arms are never long enough to reach Him, out of His love and desire to fellowship with us, God throws down a rope ladder to us – so we can climb up, and His and our desires can become a reality – that God and men can fellowship, through Christ Jesus.

Everything in our spiritual life is founded upon and continued on in Christ and Him alone. Our fellowship with God is possible because Jesus made a way for us. He continues on as our Great High Priest, sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for us. His Spirit works within us, birthing the desire in us – to have real communication with God, to talk to Him. Thus we search, learn and mature in the life of prayer.

To think rightly on Prayer we must think in terms of Love. It starts out because of love, it continues on because of love, and even to the end, it is because of love.

Pray is an act of love.


Drawing Near

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After visiting IHOP-Kansas City for a week, we are back home, back to our busyness in daily life. It was so good to be in the house of prayer for a week. It is also good to be home, to continue living where I am planted and to bloom by His grace.

Drawing near in my heart to the fountain of life, fountain of love, my Father of Lights. Drawing near, knowing that the Father is seeking for anyone and everyone, who is setting his/her heart on knowing God. What an encouragement it is to know that every movement of my heart is real and is seen by the invisible realm. Oh if we can only see with the eyes of our hearts, the huge differences we make each time we turn our hearts to Him, we would have lived a very different daily life. I am becoming increasingly aware of the on-going friendship Holy Spirit of the Living God is offering to me. To have the Spirit of God indwelling inside of my spirit and to have real communion with Him is the very essence of strength and life. Oh my soul, draw near to the Living God, and find total surrender of self in His majesty!



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