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愛與恨大概是二個最強烈的極端 恨在新聞常常見 有時真希望電視及報紙能多報導愛

有愛就帶來盼望 現代的青少年們會這麼不快樂 大概因為生活周遭太多不愉快 太多破碎 也太少聽到温馨的話 就像花要茁壯一定要温暖陽光 青少年要我們温暖話語來鼓勵他們這段蛻變的過程 常常我聽到都是抱怨青少年的不成熟啦 脾氣大啦 不聽話啦 其實我常想 温柔勝過暴怒 緩和勝過大罵 愛勝過生氣 只是活出來真的不容易

若我常看到自己的不足 及周圍人長久的包容 不謙卑温和都不行 在我成長的道路上有不少恩師及好友的鼓勵 才有我今天的長大 願我能作別人的好友 及自己孩子的良師亦友 讓我周圍的青少年經歷到 人間有愛 值得好好快樂的活


In the Middle of the NIght

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Have’t been up in the middle of the night for a long time.  Woke up from an intense dream and decided to get up and listen to some good teaching.  So glad I decided to get up – I feel like I just won some precious price, with the extra three, four hours gained from getting up in the middle of the night.

While it’s early, very early in my side of the world, it’s already mid day for another part of the world.  The technology has brought the whole world so much closer in a real way.  I think about Israel at this moment, the sight, sound, people, and the land and think about the affection I felt when I was at that land.  How I miss that place and one day will be back.  I think also about Taiwan.  Since this summer, Taiwan has once again become very dear and close to my heart.  I miss the streets, noises, and the signature trademark of that big city of Taipei where I grew up.  I look forward to going back one day and to experience that city again.

In the middle of the night, I pray for peace and blessings of the Lord on these two lands.  May revival come quickly to the people and the society.  May love abound and hope becomes the very spirit of the people of these two countries.

Returning to my learning now.  Good morning to my world!


From Within

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Happiness is to be with you.

To see even dimly Your eyes of love looking at me, that love burns like fire, goes through all the layers and goes straight into the deepest part of my soul and stirs such a holy passion to love You back – this is purity, love, and devotion that I have come to give you.

Come and waltz into my space, in a moment, twirl me into the place where You are, take me there, before Your throne where endless glory, beauty, love, life and light are the movement, sound and the air I can see and breath.

From deep within, I am longing for the One I love, and the One who loves me so profoundly.  Draw me closer, draw me near, until I am where You are.


and Therefore

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I write to find friends; I read to know I am not alone.

I study to know I can still grow; I look to find treasure.

I talk to be a voice; I listen to stay humble.

I think because I am alive; I stop to gain perspective.





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感恩節快到了 所以我開始和臉書上一些朋友留感謝詞

今年是特別的一年 許多祝福是藉由朋友及小時候的同學帶來到我的生命中

有新科技發展出來現代化的連絡方式 不單把人與人之間拉近了 時間及空間也縮短距離 從前要慢慢寫信或卡片 現在噼㕷打字再加上臉書或電郵 又快又直接 真好!



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Been reading multiple books lately.  Just finished a couple and attempting to finish another one.  I picked up C. S. Lewis’ the Four Loves.  Though so famous, I have never read through this beloved author’s books.  However the other day I saw a quote by him and from that point on, I decide that I will read all his books before the end of next year.  The quote that inspired me is, “I read to know that I am not alone.”  Oh, how I find a confidant in that statement.  I so wish I was born much earlier and had a chance to know Mr. Lewis in person.  I have a feeling that he and I will enjoy a friendship/pen-pal-ship.

However, I am determined that I will still find a friend in his writings, much similar to finding a friend in all of Corrie ten Boom’s books.  Well written books by intelligent authors will always lead a hungry soul to a place of understanding and enrichment.  I hope one day I will write some books that will qualify as such.


Wind and Wave

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Woke up to a monstrous windy sound while it was still peach dark outside.  Not able to see the actual landscape, I imagined a huge snow storm of some sort had arrived coupled with a furious gusty wind.  However, when I went really close to the kitchen window, I realized everything was just like yesterday – the grass was still green, the trees were bare, but no snow, no ice and no storm, just really strong wind.  Breathing out relief, I am glad there is one more day of fall still in the air.

The waves on the water are choppy this morning.  The normally calm water is billowing like surfers’ dreams.  White foams not far away from shore clearly draw out the intensity of the power of the waves.  This is a serious fierce wavy morning for sure.  Well, good morning world, I whisper as I try to open my heavy eyelids and get my morning started.  Gradually pink rays filled the western sky that separate the horizon.  Now where the sky ends and water begins is clearly drawn by a block of pinkish orange sunlight.  I love the colors displayed outside this morning.  The canvas of nature is beautiful.  Thank you Lord, for the wind, the wave, and the pink sunrise.

From darkness to dawn, all it took was a few minutes.  What magical change of scenes, what grand entry. Time to get busy.