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Been reading multiple books lately.  Just finished a couple and attempting to finish another one.  I picked up C. S. Lewis’ the Four Loves.  Though so famous, I have never read through this beloved author’s books.  However the other day I saw a quote by him and from that point on, I decide that I will read all his books before the end of next year.  The quote that inspired me is, “I read to know that I am not alone.”  Oh, how I find a confidant in that statement.  I so wish I was born much earlier and had a chance to know Mr. Lewis in person.  I have a feeling that he and I will enjoy a friendship/pen-pal-ship.

However, I am determined that I will still find a friend in his writings, much similar to finding a friend in all of Corrie ten Boom’s books.  Well written books by intelligent authors will always lead a hungry soul to a place of understanding and enrichment.  I hope one day I will write some books that will qualify as such.

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