Wind and Wave

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Woke up to a monstrous windy sound while it was still peach dark outside.  Not able to see the actual landscape, I imagined a huge snow storm of some sort had arrived coupled with a furious gusty wind.  However, when I went really close to the kitchen window, I realized everything was just like yesterday – the grass was still green, the trees were bare, but no snow, no ice and no storm, just really strong wind.  Breathing out relief, I am glad there is one more day of fall still in the air.

The waves on the water are choppy this morning.  The normally calm water is billowing like surfers’ dreams.  White foams not far away from shore clearly draw out the intensity of the power of the waves.  This is a serious fierce wavy morning for sure.  Well, good morning world, I whisper as I try to open my heavy eyelids and get my morning started.  Gradually pink rays filled the western sky that separate the horizon.  Now where the sky ends and water begins is clearly drawn by a block of pinkish orange sunlight.  I love the colors displayed outside this morning.  The canvas of nature is beautiful.  Thank you Lord, for the wind, the wave, and the pink sunrise.

From darkness to dawn, all it took was a few minutes.  What magical change of scenes, what grand entry. Time to get busy.


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