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So school has started here in this household for the second week.  I am slowly but surely getting into the morning routines of getting up early, making breakfast and packing lunch boxes while being half asleep.  Putting a few wonderful fruits into the blender with couple scoops of protein powders, and at last, my morning glory of food preparation is done.  Not too bad at all.  Consider I am a total night owl, I am always amazed at the hidden skill I display morning by morning, to create something tasty, healthy and appealing for my teenage kids.

Well, this school year calls forth something inside of me.  I decide to put a love note in their lunch boxes.  Now that my three younger kids are all in high school, it dawns on me that the days of my making lunches for them are numbered, and the time they will get these little short lunch notes from me are decreasing by the month.  So what’s a sentimental mother to do?  Write away in the mornings, of course.

After a long Labor Day weekend, I was thrown into a funny loop in the morning yesterday.  I practically couldn’t keep my eyes open while making hot breakfasts for the family, let alone remembering my notes.  Three hours later, I awoke to the realization that lunch notes were not written!!!  Not a big deal, I thought..  Sure enough, when the kids came home in the afternoon, they all casually mentioned the missing thing in their lunch box.  Ha!

It’s nice to know that I’ve got eager readers.  So, here we go again this new day.  I re-programed my morning routine at 6 am, managed to write something coherent and signed off with lots of love, packed a wonderful looking lunch and thankful that little things in life still add joy to the ones I love.

May all our loved ones at school feel our love when they open that box!

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