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Wind and Wave

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Woke up to a monstrous windy sound while it was still peach dark outside.  Not able to see the actual landscape, I imagined a huge snow storm of some sort had arrived coupled with a furious gusty wind.  However, when I went really close to the kitchen window, I realized everything was just like yesterday – the grass was still green, the trees were bare, but no snow, no ice and no storm, just really strong wind.  Breathing out relief, I am glad there is one more day of fall still in the air.

The waves on the water are choppy this morning.  The normally calm water is billowing like surfers’ dreams.  White foams not far away from shore clearly draw out the intensity of the power of the waves.  This is a serious fierce wavy morning for sure.  Well, good morning world, I whisper as I try to open my heavy eyelids and get my morning started.  Gradually pink rays filled the western sky that separate the horizon.  Now where the sky ends and water begins is clearly drawn by a block of pinkish orange sunlight.  I love the colors displayed outside this morning.  The canvas of nature is beautiful.  Thank you Lord, for the wind, the wave, and the pink sunrise.

From darkness to dawn, all it took was a few minutes.  What magical change of scenes, what grand entry. Time to get busy.



Good Night

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I went to a girlfriend’s home for a couple of hours tonight.  It was great to see old girlfriend, to visit and catch up on life.  Lately I have the urge to get out and have more girlfriend’s time.  As I act upon this longing, I realize that I have been neglecting this aspect of my life – social enrichment.  For one reason or another, I was completely and solely devoting all my free hours to be home with my family.  It might be because I traveled a lot for a number of years while doing the two CDs and I was missing home life.  But these days, whenever I am out or having coffee with a friend, I find my heart refreshed and nourished by listening, laughing and just plainly hanging out with another soul.  Friendships are good for the soul, indeed.


Restart Is Always A Good Option

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For one reason or another, we weren’t able to keep the violin lessons going for the kids since this June.  After 6 months of break, I took the kids to their violin lessons again this afternoon.  It feels so good to restart.  Even the kids had big smiles on their faces when they were done.  They liked it, to say the least.

I am restarting a few things in my own life.  Some of the things I have left untouched and only picked up again this month were things I used to do almost twenty years ago.  It is really wonderful to pick things up and get going – second time around, there is much appreciation and thankfulness on my heart.

Second Chances in life are priceless!




Thanksgiving Thoughts 1

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I have been reading and studying the Song of Songs this month.  Tonight I was listening to the first of twenty-four lectures on this book.  To add on top of this, I also want to start recording thanksgiving thoughts each day as I approach the Thanksgiving Day.

I am thankful for Jesus’ relentless pursue of me all my life.  Reading through the book of Song of Songs, one thing for sure is His Love begets and beckons my response.  As my love matures in time, it comes a time when both blessings and testings in life all serve one common purpose – that my love towards Him gains substance, and my understanding of His love towards me becomes deepened.

I am thankful for the work that He has done on the cross, which made it possible for me to receive, relate and experience His love, His desires for me and His delight over me.  As I grow, I allow Him to love me in all seasons of my life – dark time and good time, ugly time and glorious time, falling-apart time and growing-strong time – in all and of all, I can come before Him just as I am and let His love woo me closer to Him.  If He didn’t draw back when He went to the cross, He will never draw back in pouring out His measureless love for me because I belong to Him.  This realization is powerful enough to tie me voluntarily to Him, for life or for death.  It is indeed in this liberty, that I give myself to Him.

I am thankful that it is His brilliant idea to cause me to come into full maturity before Him as a beautiful and spotless Bride, co-partner, to Him.  It is also His wisdom and powerful commitment that the Spirit of revelation and wisdom will be at work in my heart to reveal the Beautiful Man, Son of God, so that I will be transformed by His beauty and love.  I become what I worship – whatever I spend most of my time to gaze upon, will determine what kind of continence and fragrance I give out.  It is to my glory that I sit here and look upon Him, the most beautiful One, and receive from Him, light, purity, joy, and love.  In sitting in His presence and His truth, I see and perceive therefore I live and give.  I am so thankful for this realization and invitation.

I am thankful for last six months of testing and blessings I have walked through.  As crazy and unexpected as everything has been, it was all a part of growing up.  I am so thankful for the weakness that’s still in me.  I am so thankful for the gifts He has surprised me with.  Life is never stale.  Moving forward in life now becomes real, exciting, hard-working, and realistic.  Moving forward, indeed, is what I want.

Tonight was a milestone in my moving forward, and I am so thankful, for the lecture I heard.



Thank You

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Love counts no costs, names no sacrifices; Love just gives and pursues – look at our lives, trademarks of His love!


I Love You Lord In the Mid Night Hour

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Love knows no cost, names no sacrifices because love is voluntary.

There Is No Substitute

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There are at least two lenses when I look at a project.  When I was little, I used to look at a project as something that needed to get done as quickly, effortlessly as possible.  To do a thorough job in the process was never my interest.  To get it done was.  Somehow in the process of racing through a project, I had very little enjoyment and plenty mistakes.  This was best remembered as one chemistry experiment I had to do in 9th grade.  There were two chemicals that needed to be poured into the baker and heated over on fire.  The assignment was to observe the changes, record the time, and the product formation afterwards.  However, since we were given specific temp to fire it to for safety purpose, it was very slow.  I then had the crazy idea of speeding everything up by adding double the amount, and turning the heat to twice the temperature so I could hurry up and finish the report.  Well, guess what?  the experiment turned into a explosion right in front of my eyes!  ha!

Well, these days, I have learned that the process is as valuable as the end result.  I tend to think through the process, and learn to “stop and smell the flowers” as they would say.  This is when I finally come to realize how much I have missed when I rushed through everything to get to my goal.  The relational aspects of lingering/listening when working with people who are very different is a new area to learn.  The communication aspect of trying with different angles, varied examples and choices of words to help convey the same idea but easier for others to receive (or disagree) is something I ponder.  Of course, the whole process of learning to be patient with myself and others is surely a good lesson to acquire.

There is no substitute for experiences learned through years.  Sometimes only when enough decades have culminated, the beauty of a lesson is revealed.  This is what I am thinking today.