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Family Life


Lunch Notes

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So school has started here in this household for the second week.  I am slowly but surely getting into the morning routines of getting up early, making breakfast and packing lunch boxes while being half asleep.  Putting a few wonderful fruits into the blender with couple scoops of protein powders, and at last, my morning glory of food preparation is done.  Not too bad at all.  Consider I am a total night owl, I am always amazed at the hidden skill I display morning by morning, to create something tasty, healthy and appealing for my teenage kids.

Well, this school year calls forth something inside of me.  I decide to put a love note in their lunch boxes.  Now that my three younger kids are all in high school, it dawns on me that the days of my making lunches for them are numbered, and the time they will get these little short lunch notes from me are decreasing by the month.  So what’s a sentimental mother to do?  Write away in the mornings, of course.

After a long Labor Day weekend, I was thrown into a funny loop in the morning yesterday.  I practically couldn’t keep my eyes open while making hot breakfasts for the family, let alone remembering my notes.  Three hours later, I awoke to the realization that lunch notes were not written!!!  Not a big deal, I thought..  Sure enough, when the kids came home in the afternoon, they all casually mentioned the missing thing in their lunch box.  Ha!

It’s nice to know that I’ve got eager readers.  So, here we go again this new day.  I re-programed my morning routine at 6 am, managed to write something coherent and signed off with lots of love, packed a wonderful looking lunch and thankful that little things in life still add joy to the ones I love.

May all our loved ones at school feel our love when they open that box!


Thinking about Hannah

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Thinking about Hannah in the Bible. She was a godly, praying mother. She gave her beloved Samuel into the Lord’s hand, into the the not-so-godly Eli’s care. I think any mom would want to see the person who cares and teaches our children to be wiser, and godlier than we are so there are something good to pass on to the student. However, in Hannah’s case, she trusted not in Eli’s godliness, but in the power of God’s care over her son and dedicated him to be unto the Lord.
If you are like me, maybe your kids are in a public school, which is increasingly teaching ungodly philosophies of this age. Maybe you are also like me, have long dedicated your precious ones holy unto the Lord. Lately the Lord has been speaking to me about His capability to watch over the ones that are dedicated to Him – just like He is able to watch over Samuel and raise him up, even under priest Eli’s care, He is able to watch over our children and raise them up to be the godly man and woman that He calls them to be.
I find great strength to trust and obey Him, as daily I let my children go into the world, knowing the God of Hannah is the same God of Karen.
Let’s rise up, praying moms! We have a Father in heaven who watches and guides the steps of our children from righteousness unto usefulness in the Master’s hand.


Interesting Discussion

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I had an interesting discussion with my son tonight.
He asked a really good question – what will excellence lead to?
In going through the process of school, career, etc., at the end of all the hard work, what will the future be like as one try his best? With a sense of wonderment and curiosity, he asked me this great question.

Here was my reply -
God puts us on this earth to bring His rule and reign to every sphere of influence that He’s given to us. As we live in accordance to the reign of Holy Spirit in us, we bring the rule and reign of God to the domain He has given us. The domain can change over time. Our size of influence will differ according to His plan and the season we are in. But our goal is the same – in all things, we exercise diligence and excellence so we can lead and influence people with skill and benevolence. Many people think “destiny” is something far away, something in the future to walk into. I think destiny is in each moment I live out “life” before God. In doing so, each moment I am living in my destiny. Each stage of life, I do my part to bring God’s heart and purpose into my domain. In this process, I fulfill the reason of my existence.

I have great prayers and faith for my children’s lives. I know my ceiling will be their floor. They are destined for greatness in God. Greatness in His eyes, not men’s. Greatness in meekness, in humility, and in loving wholeheartedly. Love requires all. All of one’s heart, emotion, strength, a-n-d mind. To love with all of our mind demands excellence and skills. I want to encourage my children that being 10, 12, and 14 is not too young to walk in destiny; nor too early to rule and reign by the power and grace of Holy Spirit who lives inside of them.

What does the future hold for someone who is willing to put his hand in excellence? A walk with His God, a life that has no regret.
This is my prayer for my children tonight.


Reaping What I Did Not Sow

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Having a teenager at home is an amazing, humbling process. Especially when the teenager I have is any mother’s dream.. This morning I took time to write a letter to my oldest, who is now fourteen. As I write, I was filled with gratitude to God and affection in my heart.
As an ordinary mom, I at times wonder why me – why such a blessing, to be entrusted with these precious ones in our lives to protect, provide and nurture? More often, I wonder what a gracious and kind God I have – All my early days of impatience, lack of understanding and plain ignorance as a parent, yet fourteen years later, I reap a harvest of beautiful souls that love God and are set apart for His delight.
I am so grateful for the benevolent heart of God. The evidence of His power to heal, to create, and to form beauty every where Love Divine touches. Whenever I look at my children, I see fingerprints of His love, His tender care, and His sovereignty. Oh the joy on my heart this morning.
I don’t know why; but I clearly am reaping what I did not sow. God always bless us with hundred fold back when we sincerely attempt with our limited, weak effort. He is miracle worker – just look at our lives!


Thoughts on Motherhood – an encouragement to moms

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A dear friend of mine just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I have been thinking about her and motherhood this morning. For all the young moms who are believing, sowing, and praying for their small children, here are some of my thoughts on motherhood this morning. I hope you find encouragement.

~The fragrance of love is the most powerful thing one can sow as a mom.
You may not be the fastest diaper wrapping mom, or the most awake/coherent person, but you are affecting the formation of your child in astounding ways, probably more than you know. Believe me, in only a couple of years time, your child will bring so much laughter and wonder to your heart. It’s the good gift of God, wrapped in the form of a beautiful child, to make your heart full. To nourish your child, his/her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs daily, to whisper prayers to Heaven as you walk around your home, and to fill your heart and home with love, these are some of the most impacting things we can do as parents.
May you find God to be all your sufficiency in this season of your life. May His grace overshadow you. May the peace of God be the trademark of your home, and the spiritual marker of your child’s life.
As mothers, you are transforming and shaping the history of your children’s generation!


Be Strengthened

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Someone asked me why my blog is often filled with thoughts on prayers. I guess more than a (song)writer, I see my myself as an intercessor. Consequently and almost unintentionally, my blog becomes my outlet of prayer talk. I have friends commented on feeling God’s nearness when we pray together. I hope people feel the same way when they visit this blog.

I find confidence and depth as I use Scriptures to pray for others. It’s an assurance and direction the Father has given us on what to ask. For example, this morning when I prayed for a few important men in my life, Charles, my two boys, and spiritual father, I used 1 Corinthians 1:4-9. I petitioned before the One that will do exceedingly great work in their inner man to strengthen them for every work He has given them to do, and use them in their circle of influence to establish love and righteousness.

Even now I thank You, Father, for the grace that’s given in these four men. I thank You for the access of an intimate fellowship with Your Son Jesus Christ that’s avail to Charles, Rick, Geoffrey and Christopher. Thank you for washing over their souls by the blood of the Lamb. May You enrich them in every way – in all their speech and knowledge – to bring a testimony and a fragrance of Christ at their work and school. Let Christ image be conformed in them even more this day as they turn their hearts and minds to You in expectation. Grow them in all spiritual gifts so they will lack nothing as they serve others. Keep them strong to the end that they will be blameless and pure. Keep their hearts burning for You. Pour out affection and affirmation over them.
Father, let them experience Your fatherhood today; encourage them, direct them, and protect them.

May we all rise to pray for our husband, father, and children for truly we bless the world around us by being with Him.



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Happy Birthday to my two most favorite girls in the whole wide world.
You are forever loved!