Horizon of Hope

Kyle and Petri Groza


Kyle and Petri live in Fagaras, Romania, where they serve in the children’s ministry at Bethany Baptist Church. Their vision, ‘Horizon of Hope’, is in its developing stage. The focus of this ministry is on the young Romanians from the age of 18 to 22. 

Romania orphanages keep their orphans until the age of 18. When young adults reach this age limit, they are sent out to fend for themselves without any skills or means of survival.

Kyle and Petri’s ministry aims to provide these young adults with food and housing while teaching them vocational skills and the Word of God. They hope with the time these young men and women spent here, they will be equipped with life and spiritual skills to cope with this world.

Crescendo Music has placed a financial offering to this ministry, and we pray that God will move mountains before this ministry.