Project Left Behind

Christ the Rock Community Church, USA

In West Africa in the southwest corner of Algeria, part of the great Sahara Desert, live about 200,000 West Saharawi African refugees. In the mid-1970s, Morocco invaded West Saharawi, formerly the Spanish colony of West Sahara. During that invasion, a group of Saharawi natives escaped from the war, leaving their homeland and moved into this desert region of Algeria.

Unable to cultivate the desert, these refugees live in complete destitution. Christ the Rock Church (CTR) joined other humanitarian organizations and reached out to these people. The relationship between CTR and the Saharawi government grew over the years from a few summer exchange students, to welcoming CTR’s outreach team, to allowing CTR to build school and to bring in family medicine provision.

In 2005, Crescendo Music founder/executive chairman, Charles Cheng, joined the CTR’s mission team, as a physician, to the desert. There he experienced first hand the work God has been doing among these refugees through CTR. Crescendo Music has placed an offering with CTR to aid them in their ministry with children through music, plays and school. We pray that through a helping hand, these Saharawi Refugees will come to experiencing God’s love and in practical ways.