Dawn to Dusk

CD 1

“The Bible tells the story of a woman, because of her love for Jesus, brought an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of nard, which she broke and poured it on His head. She then got on her knees and wiped His feet with her hair, perfume, tears and kisses.

Since we began the process of making this CD, I’ve often thought of that woman and the worship she offered in that moment. That kind of worship comes only from having deeply experienced the love of the Lord. Because of all that he is, He is worthy of my unending love in return.

Through this CD let us all come before Jesus’ feet and offer Him our very own alabaster jar of perfume”
- From My Heart by Karen Cheng, Co-founder of Crescendo Music

“Music is a gift from God to aid us in our worship of Him. It can usher us into His very Throne room and release us in His awesome presence. Once we are before Him in humility and worship, He can do a deep work in our hearts. The words of songs can be used to express our genuine love for Him, but they can also teach us and remind us of what matters most. Colossians 3:16 tells us to admonish one another with psalms, and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God. We are not to just sing to God, but in a sense to one another, to remind each other of eternal truth.

God has uniquely gifted Karen Cheng to write songs with substance. They are born out of an authentic heart and a genuine love for her Savior. Her life bears out the words she writes. This project will encourage you, inspire you, challenge you and best of all, lead you into the awesome presence of the One we need and love the most. May your heart be stirred and your spirit refreshed, as you listen. You will find yourself joining in, and melting before the Great I Am.”
- Introduction on CD by Pastor Bill Lenz, Senior Pastor at Christ the Rock Community Church, Wisconsin, USA.