Worship Before the Throne

CD 2

“Because He is a gracious God, when we go through seasons of darkness, light always shines through. This album is a personal testimony of His loving kindness, and His glorious beauty. By going through my valley, I glimpse more of His heart. I learn to feel His desire and to behold Him: THE LIGHT of the world. I hope this album encourages many who are walking in darkness and waiting for the light – Surely Salvation will come. The One who loves you eternally will never forsake you nor leave you.

As we approach His Throne of Grace, may our hearts know fully that the Judge of all the earth will do right. He will not withhold goodness from those who fear Him. The knowledge of His glory will cover this land as the water covers the sea. Truly, prayers will move mountains and change nations.”
- from my heart by Karen Cheng, Co-founder of Crescendo Music

“There are many dimensions to the nature and character of God. We see that He is merciful, gracious, kind and loving. He is also holy, righteous, just and transcendent. When we come before Him in worship, we acknowledge that although he is the Righteous Judge, He has also invited us to come boldly to His Throne of Grace to obtain mercy and to find grace in the time of need.

The book of Revelation frequently paints the picture of multitudes around the Throne, worshipping the Lamb of God, the only One worthy of our adoration, attention and affection. We don’t have to wait! As we consider how merciful and kind our great God has been to us, and what He has done for us through Christ, we can worship around the Throne now.

God has uniquely gifted Karen Cheng to write songs that help lead us in worship and bring us to the One who sits on the Throne. I believe the Holy Spirit will use this music to bring you into the presence of the King over and over. It is there we give Him glory and our heats are changed.”
- Introduction on CD by Pastor Bill Lenz, Senior Pastor at Christ the Rock Community Church, Wisconsin, USA.