As the founding couple, the husband and wife team, the idea of forming an entity that focuses on worship and mission began back in 2000. As the Lord began to pour out Chinese worship songs throughout the night season in dreams and quiet time, He also placed in our hearts the desire to offer up our best in righteousness and truth. This vision started to take shape as old and new friends with different ethnic, cultural and professional backgrounds, with the same conviction and passion for worship and mission, came together. Crescendo Music became a registered non-profit organization in the United States in 2006. We do not see ourselves as a singular entity, but one small part of the big, beautiful Body of Christ. In the timeless current of the Spirit, made out of streams from nations, tongues and tribes, Crescendo Music joins with others to follow what Holy Spirit is weaving in and through our generation. We are called to what the Father has created us to do – to worship Him (worship), and to make Him known (mission).

Our Vision

“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30) Our prayer is that through worship and mission, Christ Jesus is exalted with increasing measure throughout the earth. Thus, “Crescendo” represents this organization’s vision and goal, to lay down who we are to serve the King.

Concerning Worship

Our vision is to produce quality original worship CDs that carry the anointing of God to call people into life renewing worship – the worship that He deserves. God is moving among the Chinese in an amazing way. Crescendo Music desires to be an instrument and to take part in His grand design. We recognize the many brothers and sisters that came before us. In their obedience, they pioneered the Chinese worship and mission movements. We are so thankful for their presence. We learn from them and join them in the effort to see our God glorified and people restored.

Concerning Mission

To live a lifestyle of worship means to obey His will. God’s will towards the poor and orphaned is clear. Therefore half of what this organization receives from CD sales will go into the mission field. The countries we send our offerings to will be places we have either visited or built personal relationships with. As you worship with us, we firmly believe that you are also partaking in this offering. This website will be updating from time to time to bring you news of the places being served by this mission fund. Our Mission Projects (Places we have sent donations to since 2007.)