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SINGERS based in the Berkshires are invited to join Crescendo’s Ensembles: Crescendo Chorus, Crescendo Vocal Ensemble, Crescendo Young Artists Program. We have openings for both amateur and paid professional positions in all voice groups. A limited number of scholarships are available. We regularly perform in Lakeville, CT and Great Barrington, MA. Learn more, and schedule and audition by writing to:

Two concerts with rarely heard music by Crescendo:
“The Art of the Improvisation” and “ Grandson of Afro-Brazilian Slaves”

In June the award-winning music organization Crescendo will present to two concerts of rarely heard chamber and choral music, featuring for the first time a Black composer of the Classical era. These concerts conclude Crescendo’s 2022 spring series.

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The Millbrook Independent
Crescendo: Latino Baroque at Trinity Church

by Kevin T McEneaney

This past Friday evening Christine Gevert performed a program on the interplay of South American indigenous folk music as it melded with Spanish music during the Baroque period which appropriated various melodies and dance formats of folk music into classical music, especially J.S. Bach and Georg Phillip Telemann. Well-known Latin American pieces were performed alongside of two lesser-known, more lengthy classical works. This nexus had much to do with the popularity of dance tunes during the Baroque period.

This trio consisted of Christine Gevert, director of Crescendo, on virginal harpsichord, Carlos Boltes from Chile on charango and viola, and Job Salazar Fonesca, a member of Early Music America, on violin and drum.

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Saint James Place Blog: Crescendo, Chamber Music & Christine Gevert

How excited are you to perform in front of live audiences again, and what are you most looking forward to?

Very excited! While we have expanded our online presence – and it has been a silver lining of this pandemic to do that – the nature of music is the moment, the live interaction of the musicians with each other and with the audience in a beautiful space, such as Saint James Place. The whole point of music is to move the audience, and a live performance is one of the most precious and unique creative moments I can think of. The audience, and the space in which this takes place are very much part of the creative process.

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A Chamber Music Concert by one of Crescendo’s Ensembles:
Mientras me abraza (While she hugs me)–Baroque, Latino, and Folk Fusion

On April 8 and 9, the music organization Crescendo will present the first in a series of four concerts of vocal and instrumental music.

This first concert of Crescendo’s 2022 season is a program featuring chamber music with a “twist.” The repertoire featured and the instruments uses not only crossover into different genres of classical, folk and contemporary music, but they also break down the barriers between these genres and illustrate how very connected these different styles of music are.

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The unifying element is the folk dance – from Poland over Spain to Latin America. Folk music and dance rhythms permeate classical music, and connect different genres and eras from the Baroque to present times. Polish folk music and dances influenced music by many Baroque composers, including some that are generally associated with serious sacred music, such as Johann Sebastian Bach and George Philip Telemann. The ensemble will present their own ar-rangements of three Baroque works, Telemann’s Suite Polonoise, and Bach’s famous Orchestral Suite in B minor, and his motet “Singet dem Herrn.” All are great examples of this fusion of styles.

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Lakeville music program eyes return to in-person performances

By Michael Walsh Feb 22, 2022 Updated Feb 22, 2022

LAKEVILLE — A love for classical has always been inside Christine Gevert.

Gevert, who was born in Germany but raised in Chile, said there are generations of love of music deep within her family.

“The love for classical music came from many generations in my family,” Gevert said. “I had a great-grandmother who wanted to be an opera singer, but was not let by her family who was very religious. It was not proper.”