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Bach and Paganini Solo Violin Music
Two Giants of Solo Violin Music played by a contemporary virtuoso on period violin

Baroque violinist Edson Scheid, concertmaster of Crescendo’s Period Instrument Orchestra, offers a program with solo violin works by two titans: Johann Sebastian Bach and Nicolo Paganini. Both composers revolutionized solo violin repertoire, and hearing their works side by side in a program is an unusual treat.

Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 4 pm
Trinity Church, Lakeville, CT

Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 4 pm
Saint James Place, Gt. Barrington, MA
Concert in The Great Hall (80 seats)

Concert Recording Premiere

Premieres: March 6, 2024 – 7pm


Crescendo Low-Voice Vocal Ensemble (*Section Leaders)
Alto Pat Barton, Christine Gevert*, Susan Pettee, Tuesday Rupp*
Tenor Michael Chamberlin, Igor Ferreira*, Matthew Kreta*, Randy Orzano, Douglas Schmolze*
Baritone Peter Perkins*, John-Arthur Miller*, Tom Schindler, Michael Wise
Bass Jim Barrett*, Brian Farrell, Andy Kettler

Rachel Begley, Dulcian and Recorder
Christine Gevert, Organ and Direction

Optime pastor – Shepherd, Maker of Good Virtue

Early Polyphony for low voices from Ockeghem to Palestrina

The Renaissance is considered the Golden Era of vocal music. The evolution of polyphonic music (music with more than one independent melody sung at the same time) started in the early 15th century in the lowlands. Franco-Flemish composer and singer Johannes Ockeghem was the most influential European composer of his time, alongside contemporaries, such as Heinrich Isaac. They were succeeded by Josquin des Prez, the greatest innovator and a pioneer in the technique of melodic imitation between voices. Polyphony spread in Western Europe, and English composers John Taverner, and later Thomas Tallis, excelled in this style. As new styles emerged over the course of the 16th century, Renaissance music began pushing boundaries by including chromaticism and ornamentation. In Italy, the polyphonic style was brought to Venice by the Flemish composer Adrian Willaert, and then culminated with Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso, the most published composer of the 16th century. While the 17th century brought a change away from polyphony, Claudio Monteverdi, the developer of the opera, made innovative use of polyphony, extending the rules beyond the conventions of the earlier masters.

This program features sacred four- to seven-voice works by these composers. A central subject in the program is the plea for peace, featured in several compositions: Taverner’s “In Pace” (In Peace shall I sleep and rest), and “Da Pacem Domine” (Give peace in our time), a motet by Lasso and also the main chant melody in Isaac’s “Optime pastor” (Shepherd, Maker of Good Virtue) motet. The low-voice ensemble typical of the era creates a dense texture with voices weaving in, out, and around each other. The Crescendo Vocal Ensemble, with Rachel Begley, dulzian, led by Christine Gevert, presents this repertoire with 16 singers, as the transparency and clarity of the smaller group makes for a unique listening experience.


Covid Prevention Policy: Masking recommended for audience members. These policies will be adapted according to community transmission rates.

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Premieres: March 6, 2024 – 7pm
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Optime Pastor – Early Polyphony for low voices from Ockeghem to Palestrina

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