Fantastic Baroque!

Sacred Choral Works and Opera Choruses from the early Baroque to the early Classical periods in Latin America and Europe

Recorded live on Saturday, October 28, 2023

at Saint James Place,
Great Barrington, MA

by Leszek Wojcik, and filmed
by Charlette Media.

Directed by Christine Gevert


Christina Kay, Soprano
Alicia DePaolo, Mezzo Soprano
Augustine Mercante, Countertenor
Gregório Taniguchi, Tenor
Anicet Castel, Bass-Baritone

Crescendo Period Instrument Orchestra

Crescendo Chorus

Premieres December 1, 2023 at 7:30pm


Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704)
Te Deum H.146  Prelude for orchestra
Te Deum à 8 H.145  Te Deum Laudamus / Tibi Cherubim / Dignare Domine
Christina Kay  and Alicia DePaolo, sopranos; Sarah Bleasdale and Augustine Mercante, altos; Gregório Taniguchi and Igor Ferrerira, tenors, Anicet Castel and Gabriel García, basses; chorus and orchestra

Manuel de Zumaya (1678-1755)
“La bella incorrupta”
This piece is performed in memory of  Bob & Mae Schmidle, dedicated by  Lisa Keller
Coplas:  1. Christina Kay, Augustine Mercante, Gregório Taniguchi, 2. Alicia DePaolo, Sarah Bleasdale, Joseph Klebanoff, 3. Nadia Aguilar, Max Rook, Igor Ferrerira 4. Jordan Rose Lee, Mary Verdi, Doug Schmolze

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
“Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto”
from Domine ad adjuvandum me (RV 593) for soprano and orchestra
Christina Kay, soprano

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
“Ein Feste Burg”
TWV 8:7
motet for chorus and instruments ad libitum

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
“Betörte Welt”
from Cantata BWV 94 for alto, traverso, and basso continuo
Augustine Mercante, countertenor, Rodrigo Tarraza, traverso

Domenico Zipoli (1688 – 1726)
“Domine ad adjuvandum me”
– from Vísperas de San Ignacio for chorus and strings

Felicem diem – Happy Birthday
(Renaissance  Polyphony by Christine Gevert)

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Gloria in excelsis Deo BWV 191/I for chorus and orchestra
*This piece is performed in memory of  Albert R. Raymond, Northfield Mount Hermon School, dedicated by Brian Farrell, and Susan Francisco


Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
Excerpts from Hippolyte et Aricie
Act 2: Ballo (Danse des Champs Elysées)
Act 1: Ensemble: “Princesse” Phèdre – Christina Kay, soprano, Aricie – Alicia DePaolo, mezzo soprano, Hippolyte – Gregório Taniguchi, tenor, and Chœur de Prêtresses Jordan Rose Lee, Donna Castaner, Sarah Bleasdale  / Aria “Périsse la vaine puissance” Phèdre – Christina Kay, soprano / “Dieux vengeurs” La Grande-Prêtresse Christina Kay, soprano, and chorus  / “Bruit de tonnerre”
Act 3: “Prélude pour le frémissement des flots” / “Mais de couroux” Thésée Anicte Castel, baritone  / Annonce / Recitativo On vient demon retour rendre grace à Neptune” Thésée  / “Marche des Matelots”  / “Que ce rivage retentisse” Chorus of sailors

Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco (1644-1728)
Excerpts from
La Púrpura de la Rosa
“Loa a la púrpura de la Rosa” 
Calíope Christina Kay, Terpsichore Alicia DePaolo, Euterpe Sarah Bleasdale, Erato Donna Castaner, Urania Nadia Aguilar, Clio Jordan Rose Lee, El Tiempo Anicet Castel, España – Margie O’Brien, chorus and orchestra
“No puede amor”
Venus – Nadia Aguilar, mezzo soprano, Adonis – Christina Kay, soprano, Anicet Castel, baritone, and chorus 

Christoph W. Gluck (1714-1787)
Excerpts from
Orfeo ed Euridice Wq.30 (1762 version)
Act I: Aria “Gli sguardi tratienni”  Amore – Christina Kay, soprano
Act II: Ballo Maestoso / “Chi mai dell’ Erebo” Chorus (Furies) / Ballo Presto / “Deh placatemi” Orfeo and Furies / “Misero giovane” Furies / “Mile pene” Orfeo
Orfeo (Euridice’s husband) – Augustine Mercante, countertenor, the chorus of the Furies of the Underworld

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Excerpts from The Tempest, Or The Enchanted Isle Z.631
“Full fathom five” Act 3/10: Air
Ariel Christina Kay, soprano, and chorus
“No stars again shall hurt you” Act 6: Duet
*This piece is performed in memory of  Anne Marie Leuchs Makuc – Elisabeth Enoch
Amphitrite – Christina Kay, soprano, Neptune – Anicet Castel, baritone, and chorus

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
Excerpts from The Fairy Queen Z. 629
Prelude “Entry of Phoebus”
“When a cruel long winter” Air Phoebus – Gregório Taniguchi, tenor, and “Hail, great parent” chorus



Performers (complete list)

Vocal Soloists

  • Christina Kay,   Soprano
  • Alicia DePaolo,  Mezzo Soprano 
  • Augustine Mercante, Countertenor
  • Gregório Taniguchi, Tenor
  • Anicet Castel, Bass-Baritone

Crescendo Period Instrument Orchestra

  • Robinson Pyle, Christopher Belluscio and Brian Kanner,  Trumpet
  • Ben Harms, Timpani & Percussion
  • Rodrigo Tarraza and Mili Chang,  Traverso
  • Alison Gangler and Owen Watkins,  Oboe
  • Rachel Begley, Bassoon
  • Edson Scheid, Robert Eisenstein, Jeremy Rhizor and Job Salazar Fonseca,  Violin
  • Nicole Divall and Emily Hale, Viola
  • David Bakamjian and Clara Abel, Violoncello
  • Julianne  Russell, Bass
  • Hideki Yamaya, Theorbo
  • Phoebe Durand-McDonnell, Harp
  • Vivian Montgomery, Organ

Section Leaders of Crescendo Chorus (*also solo)

  • Jordan Rose Lee*, Nadia Aguilar*, Donna Castaner*, Margie O’Brien*, Soprano
  • Sarah Bleasdale*, Max Rook*,  Alto
  • Doug Schmolze*, Joseph Klebanoff*, Igor Ferreira*, Matthew Kreta, Peter Perkins,  Tenor
  • John-Arthur Miller, Gabriel García*, Bass

Crescendo Chorus

  • Gaile Binzen, Louise Brown, Kathy Drake, Emily Elliot, Kathy Friend, Peggy Heck, Roberta Roll, Elaine Russell, Barbara Wolkowitz, Joy Wyatt,   Soprano
  • Maureen Bateman, Pat Barton, Traudi Chiaravalotti, Elisabeth Enoch, Lisa Keller, Deborah Mark, Martha Nesbitt, Lauren Paul, Susan Pettee, Mary Verdi*, Alto
  • Gordon Gustafson, Susan Hooker, Mary Priestman, Tenor
  • Brian Farrell, Andy Kettler, Tom Schindler, Bruce Weinstein, Michael Wise, Bass

Roberta Roll and Lauren Paul, Body Work
Anicet Castel, French Pronunciation Coach

Directed by Christine Gevert

Crescendo and its Programming

   Crescendo is a national-award-winning music performance organization. Now in it’s 20th season, Crescendo has presented concerts year-round in northwestern Connecticut, the Berkshires, and the mid-Hudson Valley of New York. The organization is based at Trinity Church Lime Rock in Lakeville, CT.

    Founder and Artistic Director, Christine Gevert, is celebrated for her innovative approach to programming and performance. Crescendo’s audiences are often rewarded with programs of rarely-heard and newly discovered works. Often Ms. Gevert uses original manuscripts to make her own performing editions for chorus, soloists and orchestra because there are no existing published editions. Frequently our programs feature early and contemporary music works alongside each other, creating a contrast for the listener. Eight new works have been commissioned for our chorus and vocal ensemble. Crescendo has presented ten U.S. premieres.

    Crescendo’s innovative programming relies on a local base of dedicated and talented auditioned amateurs and professionals who make up the Crescendo Chorus and Crescendo Vocal Ensemble. Crescendo has its own Period Instrument Orchestra and Andean Ensemble, comprised of professionals from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Hartford. These instrumentalists and the internationally recognized soloists who regularly collaborate with Crescendo bring the performances to a level comparable to the best ensembles in the country. Instrumental music ensembles and concerts with vocal soloists have been part of Crescendo’s programs since the beginning. Some of the performers have been: Julianne Baird (Philadelphia) soprano, Nicholas Tamagna (Oldenburg, Germany) countertenor, Peter Sykes (Boston) and Władysław Kłosiewicz (Warsaw, Poland), harpsichord, Chris Bellsucio (Boston), natural trumpet, Tricia van Oers, recorder, I Fagiolini Renaissance Vocal Ensemble (London, UK), L’Orchestre de Chambre Francaise (Paris, France), Peter Lekx (Montreal) baroque violin, Duo Alturas (Hartford) charango, viola and guitar, and Duo Les Inégales, traverso and harpsichord.

    We are strongly committed to educational outreach―to our own singers, our audiences and local students. Talented local high school singers and young musicians are coached by Ms. Gevert as part of our “Young Artist Program”, and often play a part in our performances. She and members of the chorus visit local schools to work with students.

    Artistic Director Christine Gevert is celebrated for her innovative approach to programming and performance: In 2014 Crescendo won the prestigious Chorus America / ASCAP Alice Parker Award. Today’s programming reflects some of the diversity and scope of music that Crescendo is known for.